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American Electro Products


American Electro Products (AEP) began plating parts for various industries in 1950. In time, the company’s focus became directed on the electronic connector industry. At the time the majority of parts were loose piece and were barrel plated.

As the company grew in the 1980s AEP developed reel to reel plating to address new customer needs. During this same period more stringent requirements for plating loose piece parts led to the introduction of vibratory plating.

See what AEP can Plate for you:

 • Precious & Non-Precious
• Barrel, Vibratory & Reel to
     Reel Processes
•  Quality Control & Assurance
•  Chemistry Support 

American Plastic Products

 American Plastic Products (APP) has been a custom molder for over 45 years. We have complete capabilities for designing and manufacturing a product along with point of sale assembly if required. We are ISO 9001 and UL Registered and have experience in the medical, military, electronic, cosmetic, security, automotive and communication industries.
American Plastic Products (APP)

Come see what APP can do for you:

  • Seventeen machines from 50 to 300 Ton
  • Complete mold building capabilities
  • Assembly of point-of-sale products
  • Experienced in horizontal & vertical insert molding
  • Sonic Welding Hot Die Stamping UL ID No. A1811